A New Evolution in TTRPGs

Innovative rules, intuitive gameplay, creative characters, and epic stories

  • Fresh but Familiar 5e Feel
  • Intuitive Gameplay and Mechanics
  • Customizable Characters and Actions
  • Epic Combat and Storytelling

Our Journey

I’m thankful for 5e… I think most of us are! It simplified the basic rules, emphasized cooperative storytelling, and introduced the joys TTRPGs to millions of new players. But the truth is… it could be better…
It has too many frustrating elements: slower than slow combat, rigid action economy, limited spellcasting, unbalanced monsters… the list goes on and on. These shortcomings leave players feeling embarrassed, bored, or just plain angry. At some point you have to admit that tweaking this or that will only take you so far… you can only homebrew so much.
Our adventures deserve something better.

Which is why I shifted from IMPROVING the mechanics of DnD 5e to instead making an IMPROVED TTRPG. A new game, inspired by the best parts of 5e, but with enough changes to create something distinct. What was broken is fixed, what was substandard has been upgraded, and ANYTHING that restricted players’ creative imagination has been thrown into an abyss.
And that new TTRPG is DC20… a fresh take that empowers groups to learn quickly, open up their creativity, and tell epic stories with their friends like never before!

So, What Makes DC20 Different?

Here is a small list of what makes DC20 an Improvement over similar TTRPGs with corresponding video links that dive deeper into the topics

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Now...who is the "Outside the Box" thinker, and creator of DC20?

Hey there! I’m Alan, the Dungeon Coach, creator of DC20.

I homebrewed 5e content for years, making hundreds of videos and content focused on thinking outside the box and inspiring both players and game masters to customize and elevate their TTRPG games!

All my life I have wanted to be a coach… in fact, being a high school math teacher was a means to an end to coaching track! In my opinion, the role is so much more relational than some “guru”: its about walking alongside someone, reminding them of their potential, and guiding them towards greater success. I have that same mentality when it comes TTRPG design, so “The Dungeon Coach” just makes sense!
It was always my plan to create my own game system, and the “2023 O.G.L. debacle” just made that happen sooner rather than later. But a little self-disclosure: I've never felt more alive or fulfilled than when I'm working on DC20! There are zero restrictions or limitations holding me back. I can truly think outside the box — heck, I can even rewrite the box itself!

What to expect in the future

  • DC20 Core Rulebook (Get Notifications for the Kickstarter Launch Here!!!)
  • Weekly YouTube Tutorials
  • Monthly DC20 Magazine on Patreon
  • Patreon Exclusive Training 
  • One on One GM Coaching
  • DC20 Monster Manual (2025)
  • Advanced Player and Game Master Guide (2025)
  • DC20 Campaign Setting (2026)

Supported by Dozens of TTRPG Influencers

logo for dnd youtuber Mr Rhexx

Mr. Rhexx

Players have never had this much freedom customizing their turns before. DC20 opens the floodgates for a new era of true action economy in TTRPGs.
image of bob world builder a dnd youtuber

Bob Worldbuilder

As someone who likes playing martial characters and pulling pulp-fantasy stunts, I love how DC20 takes IMPACT into account. Shoving and leaping onto monsters has never been more fun!
logo for one shot questers a dnd youtuber

One Shot Questers

DC20 filled a void in my TTRPG life that I didn't realized needed filling! It gives me that "First Time Playing Excitement" every time! LOVE DC20!
logo for dnd shorts youtuber

DnD Shorts

I played DC20 once. It gave me the power to walk through walls and see through time. Women weep joyful tears when I walk past. Grizzled men lay palm leaves at my feet. Animals understand my words and do my bidding. Am I a god? No. I merely play DC20.

D4 Deep Dive

I love this system! Here are my two favorite things about it:
-The way characters feel fun, powerful, and distinct right from level 1.
-The versatility you have in character creation to really make your character your own.


What Dice Are Needed to Play DC20?

You just need the standard TTRPG Dice Set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12) plus a few d20s. I'd recommend at least 2-4!

How is this TTRPG Easier to Learn?
  • While DC20 does have more rules than DnD 5e, the rules are more INTUITIVE. In other words, even though there are more of them, because they make common sense, the TTRPG is much easier to learn. Many feel confident in playing the game after a single session!
What Rule Changes Did You Make to 5e?

Many! We changed how you build you character, including the impact of backgrounds, races (ancestry), and classes. We added armor and weapons categories to provide more variety to marital characters. We got rid of damage dice and instead placed more emphasis on how much higher you beat a character's EC or AC. We changed the combat mechanics, allowing players more freedom not only on their turn, but after everyone else’s turn. Not to mention leveling up, death saves, skill challenges, spellcasting, monster construction, multiclassing… the list goes on and on!

How Can I be a Part of the Play Testing?

Right now you can download DC20 Alpha 0.6.2 and begin playing with your friends. The best way to provide feedback is via our Discord.

What About Social and Exploration Pillars?

While the current rule set is combat heavy, we do not want to follow in the same footsteps of 5e and neglect the social and exploration pillars of the game. Once the initial Kickstarter proves to be a hit with the community, we will expand and publish an expansion dedicated to adding mechanics for social and exploration encounters.

How Many Hours Did You Playtest?

Literally hundreds.

Why Should I Not Just Continue to Homebrew 5e?

That is a fair point, and one I expect many people will choose. However, as someone who has made homebrewing 5e his career, I can confidently say that there is a limit to how much you can make DnD 5e better with homebrew. Some mechanics in the game are so basic and fundamental… but also problematic… and no matter what you try to change they will always sabotage your attempts at a great adventure.

What Will The Official Setting Be?

The current plans for the official setting is classic “European inspired high fantasy”. However, we plan on DC20 being a “jack of all trades” TTRPG, capable of adapting to any setting for your adventures.

Do You Have Proof That Combat Really is Faster?

Sort of… the truth is, not enough people have mastered DC20 the same way they have mastered DnD 5e.

How Easy Is it to Transition my 5e Campaign to DC20?

We intentionally kept many of names and concepts to make campaign adjustments as seamless as possible. There will be an entire conversion guide available in the future to help make the process even easier!

What Classes Are There?

DC20 has 12 classes: Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Commander, Rogue, Ranger, Monk, Cleric, Warlock, Wizard, and Sorcerer.

Every TTRPG promises a one of a kind immersive experience to its players. They claim to offer an escape from daily life, imagination to experience a fantastic adventure with their friends. They claim you can be anyone and do anything in an all-encompassing creative hobby.

DC20 fulfills those promises better than any other ttrpg. The rules are intuitive and don’t get in the way of epic moments. Player agency is prioritized from top to bottom, allowing greater customization in character creation and creative decision making throughout gameplay. And best of all, by maintaining simplicity through intuitive rules, it does what 5e did best: make TTRPGs accessible to those we love. 

It’s everything you hoped from 5e… only BETTER.