5e Playbook Vol 30: Heroic Strongholds


In this PDF, you’ll find a full Stronghold System for your players that want to build a base of operations for their party. Strongholds in this system are completely customizable, coming with their own benefits they can bestow on the party in their adventuring. Along with this, we’ve included companions that your PCs can add to their strongholds and bring along with them on their adventures.

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Stronghold System: Fully customizable system for PCs to build a hub for their adventures. Includes a bunch of different types of rooms, each that can bestow an assortment of buffs and benefits to the party.
  • 8 Companions
  • 3 Mini-Adventures, each with the potential of gaining a base at the end to use our Stronghold System.

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