Adventure Shorts Collection 1


 This is a set of 3 adventures that are short enough to be run in just 1 or 2 sessions. These adventures are designed to give you something you can run with relatively low prep that has just enough information and wiggle room for you to be able to tweak as you desire, giving you the power to incorporate your PCs’ stories, your world, and your campaign’s themes. Everything in these adventures is tied together and complete, aimed at being the best of both worlds for new and experienced GMs alike.

In this PDF you get the following 3 adventures:

  • Stalked on the Serrata Expanse: In a savanna called the Serrata Expanse, the PCs become the targets of an undead tribe of men and their leader, a wight called the Red Savior.
  • Ode to Lampshade: A sudden rise in the amount of orphans in the surrounding area prompts the PCs to catch wind of a figure called Lampshade, a being almost like a bogeyman that has been wiping out the populations of entire towns.
  • Depths of Drachenroot: In the countryside near Drachenroot Forest, hordes of beastmen have been senselessly attacking and slaughtering, and the PCs are hired to put a stop to this by delving into the forest and finding the hideout of these marauders to end them.

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