Adventure Shorts Collection 2


This PDF is a collection of 3 adventure shorts, adventures that are ready for you to immediately run as is in your games. These adventures are meant to be bite-sized so that you can run it in 1 or 2 sessions and can plug it directly into your setting with few changes.

In this PDF you get the following adventures:

  • North of Brokenvale: In this adventure, the party is hired to delve into a temple hidden in the mountains to find a lost treasure. However, other mercenaries were also hired for this job, and the party must contend with them and pass the tests the temple holds to take the treasure, and maybe uncover its vile purposes.
  • Tricky Business: In this adventure, the PCs are hired by a catfolk merchant to aid him and his entourage past a bandit blockade. Throughout the adventure, darker things are revealed, and a deal with an eccentric figure or a recurring antagonist is solidified.
  • The Governess’s Party: In this adventure, the PCs are invited to a party celebrating the governess of a small town’s reign. The PCs must take on investigative roles as the party ends in bloodshed. What becomes of the town lies in the hands of the PCs.

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