Adventure Shorts Collection 3


This PDF is a collection of 3 adventure shorts, adventures that are ready for you to immediately run as is in your games. These adventures are meant to be bite-sized so that you can run it in 1 or 2 sessions and can plug it directly into your setting with few changes.

In this PDF you get the following adventures:

  • Into the Lion’s Den: In this adventure, the PCs are hired to take down a crime lord in the city, a man named Drios Kingsmane. The PCs must infiltrate the luxury inn he owns and take him down on his own turf, hopefully without getting caught in the process.
  • An Exorcise of Faith: In this adventure, a mother seeks the aid of the PCs, as her son has become possessed by a demon and is terrorizing the neighborhood. Can the party save her son, and stop their angered neighbors from taking things into their own hands?
  • The Shadow of Bleakmire: In this adventure, the PCs must investigate a handful of missing persons that hints at a far greater threat, as a fallen angel and a vampire have formed a horrific union that leaves the entire region in danger.

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