Alkander's Almanac of All Things PDF


This is the PDF of AAA

A Modular 5e Rules Expansion for Combat, Exploration, & Social Encounters

Alkander's Almanac is a FULL Expansion to the 3 Pillars of 5th Edition, but these rules are modular and full of examples on how you can use them at your table and tweak them to best fit YOUR group.

The core rules of the game are great but they are designed for a MASS audience... not  YOU specifically. There are HUNDREDS of rules, systems, tips, and methods to help you run ALL aspects of your game to have the most fun possible.

AAA PDF Overview

Chapter 0: Introduction

Explains how to USE this book and how to implement Homebrew Rules in your games

  • Session 0 Checklist
  • Character Creation Tables
Chapter 1: General Rules

Base mechanics that could apply to all 3 pillars of Social, Exploration, and Combat.

  • Movement Rules
  • Help Actions
  • Custom Character Options
  • Fall Damage
  • Potion systems
  • New Attunement Rules
  • New Leveling Systems
Chapter 2: Inspiration Overhaul

A complete overhaul to the Inspiration system so you can create your own

  • How do you EARN it?
  • How MANY can you have?
  • What can you DO with it? 
  • My Personal "DC Method"
Chapter 3: Skill Challenges

A variety of rolling methods to set DC’s for Challenges you throw at your players.

  • Full Skill Challenge Guide
  • One Round Skill Challenges
  • Checkpoint Challenges
  • New Chase Scene System
Chapter 4: Social Encounters

New systems for Social Interactions with Disposition, Influence Points, Reputation, and a Roleplay Guide.

  • NPC Disposition System
  • Reputation System
  • Roleplay Inspired Rules
  • Roleplay Guide
  • Adversity System for a Characters Mental Health
Chapter 5: Exploration

Rules on Exploration of Travel, Rest, Downtime, Random Encounters, and other systems to customize going from point A to B.

  • Multiple Methods to run Travel
  • Revised Rules on Rest
  • Downtime Options and Mechanics to run it
  • Random Encounter Systems
  • Inventory & Supply Management Rules
  • Encumbrance System
  • Wealth System
Chapter 6: Combat 

Full Combat Overhaul with both big and small rules to take your combat to the NEXT LEVEL!

  • Initiative Systems
  • New and Updated Conditions
  • Advanced Grappling
  • Damage and Resist Rules
  • Martial Actions & Tactics
  • Weapon, Armor, and Shield Overhaul
  • Challenge Mode Armor System
  • Magic & Spell Systems (Overcharging, Spell Duels)
Chapter 7: Mass Combat

Mass Combat that feels mechanically similar to "regular" combat, but at an EPIC scale! Lead troops of all kinds into combat for a simple and fun system you can use in any campaign.

  • Create Custom Units
  • Command Units into Battle
  • Mass Combat Magic System
  • Lead Armies
Chapter 8: Death & Resurrection

Systems on both the death of a character, and their possible resurrection.

  • New Rules for Death Saves
  • Resurrection Skill Challenge System
  • New Mental & Physical Stress Systems
  • Lingering Injuries System
  • Madness & Terror System

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