Bonus Level Up Perks Vol 1


Custom Features for ALL Characters & Classes (Vol 1)

Bonus Level Up Perks is a system to give your character custom features and abilities when they level up (or whenever you want). It adds unique gameplay mechanics and even more flavor to your class and subclass with over 160 dynamically different perks.

What’s in this PDF:

  • 14 Generic Bonus Perks for ANY Class
  • 2-3 Bonus Perks for EACH of the 13 Classes (total of 47)
  • 111 Unique Bonus Perks covering EACH Subclass in all of D&D
  • 10 Custom Examples of Perks
  • Full System on How to Create Your Own Bonus Level Up Perks

Want MORE Bonus Perks?

Bonus Perks Vol 2:
Or get the Bundle of Vol 1 & 2:

YouTube Video:

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