Build a Faction System


This guide comes with everything you’d need to build a homebrew faction for your games, step-by-step. With it you can craft factions for your PCs to join, oppose, or to even base a backstory in. This PDF includes roll tables, examples you can take from and make your own, and even naming conventions for factions. Perhaps most exciting is the inclusion of a host of faction-themed perks/features you can give to members of a faction, whether they be NPCs or player characters, to truly make a character play like they’re part of that type of faction.

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Faction Building Guide: A step-by-step guide to building factions or making existing ones more interesting and epic!
  • Example Factions, Roll Tables, and More: You get examples of factions of different archetypes, as well as roll tables to decide the goals, names, themes, and more of factions you’re adding to your world.

Faction Member Perks: You get examples of perks that fit with different types of factions that are built to bring flavor to members of your factions. Each archetype of faction comes with its own examples of perks you can add to any existing stat block or character sheet.

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