D300 Wild Magic Surge Table


Most Unique D300 Wild Magic Table

My Homebrew d300 Wild Magic Surge Table. When you roll on this Wild Magic Surge table you roll BOTH a d100 and a d20 at the SAME TIME. The d100 shows you which row to go to and the d20 shows you how Good/Neutral/Bad the effect will be.

D20 Result: 1-5 Bad, 6-15 Neutral, 16-20 Good

If any effect tells you that the Wild Magic Surge will always be a certain type (Good/Neutral/Bad) then you do not need to roll the d20 and only roll the d100 to see what you get.

What’s in this PDF:

  • D300 Table

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/_YKra5tdt-U

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