DC Playbook Bundle: Vol 10-12


This is a 3 PDF Bundle of the Full DC Playbook Volumes 10, 11, and 12 at a BIG discount!

🌿 DC Playbook Vol 10: Potion Crafting 🌿
Full Herbalism System to gather natural reagents and craft them into potions, poisons, remedies, and more. Characters can experiment with this system to see what they can create by throwing ingredients together, or can follow the recipes provided in the system! Along with this, comes special rules for finding ingredients of varying quality, which can give different effects on the concoctions you whip up!

🦉 DC Playbook Vol 11: Familiars and Companions 🦉
Full Familiar System to summon customized familiars and upgrade them over time, as well as variant rules for special bonds, death rattles, and synergies with unique benefits and drawbacks for your familiars. This gives many options for players and GMs to decide how their familiar works and makes them really matter. In addition, you get a system on customizable pets and companions other than familiars, and 10 example stat blocks for them, along with a fairy-themed adventure that incorporates one of these companion options into it!.

🧟 DC Playbook Vol 12: Horrors Unspoken 🧟
Horrors Unspoken, a full adventure pitting the PCs against the remnants of a cult to a demon lord. In this adventure, the PCs must investigate the home of a wizard who was taken captive by a figure called the Pale Man: an undead that betrayed a demon lord of Undeath and was cursed to be tied to the shrine hidden beneath the home forever. In addition, we’ve included an epilogue for this adventure, having the PCs follow the trail of the cult at large and try to put a stop to their evil. Can the PCs defeat the Pale Man, and stop the rise of this cult’s evil ambitions?

More DM Tools & Homebrew Resources

  • 6 GM Roll Tables to help you prep your games or upgrade them on the fly
  • 9 Curses & Diseases
  • 8 Engaging NPCs
  • 8 Monsters + custom art
  • 26 Magic Items
  • 26 Bonus Level Up Perks to help customize characters

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