DC Playbook Bundle: Vol 4-6


This is a 3 PDF Bundle of the Full DC Playbook Volumes 4, 5, and 6 at a BIG discount!

The City of Temptation
This is our first showcase of a full blown city that you can drop into your game that is looming in the background OR have an entire campaign happen inside of. 

  • The Court of Gloomhold Faction
  • 8 Full NPC's
  • 5 Complete City Sections with plenty of locations
  • 7 City Roll Tables for different moments
  • The Gauntlet: A Coliseum Arena style battle of 100 competitors and only 1 group can survive! 

Build a Dragon System
Create your own dragons with a TON of inspiration points to pick and choose from.

  • Dragon Concept, Lore, History
  • Dragon Age and Power
  • Dragon Stat block templates for ALL 5 Ages (Wyrmling, Young, Adult, Ancient, Greatwyrm)
  • Draconic Features for Unique Mechanics (Breath Weapon, Bite, Claw, Tail, Wings, Spellcasting, Body, Scales, Auras)
  • Lair Actions, Unique Hoards, Regional Effects 
  • 11 Draconic Themed Subclasses, so EACH class gets one!
  • 12 Dynamic Dragon Stat blocks across all age ranges of dragons

Build a Trap System
New system that gives useful tips and information in crafting your own traps, with examples!

  • FULL step-by-step guide from start to finish
  • Cheat Sheet for easy trap making
  • 4 Example Traps

More DM Tools & Homebrew Resources

  • 4 Encounters
  • 4 Subclasses
  • 7 Monsters + custom art
  • 33 Magic Items, including a Dynamic item, the Coat of Lost Souls
  • 30 Bonus Level Up Perks to help customize characters

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