DC Playbook Bundle: Vol 1-3


This is a 3 PDF Bundle of the Full DC Playbook Volumes 1, 2, and 3 at a BIG discount!

Alkander's Enchanting System
This is a full method for enchanting that you can use to create any item with!

Weapon, Armor, and Magic Item Scrolls
These are example Enchanted Item Properties that you can add onto ANY weapon / armor / items to customize your gear.

  • 28 Weapon Enchants
  • 15 Armor Enchants
  • 5 Shield Enchants
  • 10 Item Enchants
Lycanthropy System
These are fully fleshed out homebrew mechanics for Lycanthropy (Werewolves, etc) that I use at my game table. This will give you all the mechanics you need to run this yourself and start infecting your players OR give PC's the option to even start the game with Lycanthropy
  • Contracting the Curse
  • Transformations
  • Mechanics of Lycans (what you gain from being a Lycan)
  • Build a Lycan "Feat" System to customize ANY species of Lycan
  • Example Builds of 20 different species
  • Lycan Mastery System to gain CONTROL over your Lycan form
  • How to CURE it

The Wandering Canopy: This is our first showcase of a "Group / Faction" you can drop into your game in a big or small way. This Circus has goals, beliefs, members, and even a dark twist to help you weave this into your campaign (or one shot)

  • Animal Attractions
  • D10 Table of Random Circus Acts
  • Carnival Mini Games, Contests, & Puzzles
  • 3 Different D8 Tables for Small, Medium, & Large Prizes
  • Factions Ranks & Quests
  • 5 NPC + Stat Blocks of Performers
  • 7 Circus Themed Spells

DM Adventure Resources

  • 3 One Shot Adventures
  • 5 Random Roll Tables
  • 6 Unique Locations Settings
  • 10 Dynamic NPC's

Traps, Riddles, & Puzzles

  • 8 Traps
  • 6 Riddles
  • 8 Puzzles

Mystic Arcanum (Homebrew Spells)

  • 13 New Homebrew Spells

Adventuring Gear (Magic Items)

  • 34 Magic Items

Dynamic Creature Appendix (Monsters)

  • 15 Monsters and Boss Monsters

Bonus Level Up Perks
Custom Features for a wide variety of characters and classes to give to your PCs as rewards

  • 37 Bonus Level Up Perks

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