DC Playbook Vol 2: Lycanthropy

Lycanthropy System
These are fully fleshed out homebrew mechanics for Lycanthropy (Werewolves, etc) that I use at my game table. This will give you all the mechanics you need to run this yourself and start infecting your players OR give PC's the option to even start the game with Lycanthropy
  • Contracting the Curse
  • Transformations
  • Mechanics of Lycans (what you gain from being a Lycan)
  • Build a Lycan "Feat" System to customize ANY species of Lycan
  • Example Builds of 20 different species
  • Lycan Mastery System to gain CONTROL over your Lycan form
  • How to CURE it
Traps, Riddles, & Puzzles
More of the MOST requested resource for your games! These are looking like they are going to be a staple in these Playbooks and I will be taking polls soon to check in and make sure this is what you all want consistently!
  • 3 Traps
  • 3 Riddles
  • 2 Puzzles
Random Roll Tables
I LOVE Random Roll Tables and think they are SO useful towards most ANY campaign. Each and every one of these entries are unique and will add a lot of potential excitement to many scenarios.
  • D20 Environmental Hazards Table
  • D20 Ghost Stories Table
  • D20 Living Dungeon Events Table
  • D20 Spooky Social Encounters Table
  • D20 Urban Legend and Folk Story Tales Table
Dynamic Creature Appendix (Monsters)
These monsters ALL use the DC Method for monster creation and have unique abilities, features, actions, reactions, etc to really make them challenging and memorable at ANY level. Also custom art for each one really brings them to LIFE! (so your PC's can kill em)
  • 7 Monsters and Boss Monsters
Adventuring Gear (Magic Items)
This will also be a recurring section, because who doesn't want magic items?! I will be checking in with you all to make sure this is true. We put a lot into EACH magic item to make them as exciting as possible!
  • 12 Magic Items
Bonus Level Up Perks
These are a fan favorite as well and I wanted to keep a steady flow of these coming each month. I really listen to everyone's feedback and these are also a personal favorite of mine!
  • 15 Bonus Level Up Perks
More DC Content
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