DC Playbook Vol 23: Desert Survival & Adventuring

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This PDF is themed around adventuring in the desert, with a full guide on running engaging desert survival, with new rules you can use to make your desert environment immersive and terrifying.

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Desert Survival: A guide for running adventures in a desert environment, with a full list of rules for survival, including new conditions, items, and modes of travel.
  • Awaldi Desert: This desert is a full adventuring setting full of lore, roll tables, NPCs, and more that you can run in your games.
  • 4 Desert Hazards. These desert-specific hazards run like complex traps or challenges that your PCs must overcome if they come across.
  • 5 NPCs, along with quests and stat blocks for each. Full questlines can be centered around these powerful NPCs who may be adversaries to your party.
  • 7 Magic Items
  • 8 Bonus Level Up Perks

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