DC Playbook Vol 26: Foes Unleashed


This PDF is a full resource of horrifying monsters and encounters. With this PDF, you’ll have a full cast of creatures you can use in your creepy adventures, along with already fully-realized encounters you can pull out on-the-fly. Along with that, you get lore and information for horror-themed factions you can use in your games!

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Witchwhisper Coven: A faction of evil and corrupted fey creatures, led by a group of hags that wish to inflict fear and havoc upon mortals.
  • Fading Legion: A faction of tainted undead from the realm of shadows that wish to regain corporeal form and bend the world to their will.
  • Blightfern Hybrids: A faction of mutated humanoids, led by a crazed baron, who doubles as a mad scientist that wishes to create perfect life forms.
  • Phennix’s Concoctions: A faction of animated potions as oozes that were created by a troublesome alchemist. These oozes share a mind with their creator, and wish to feed her living creatures to sustain her.
  • Faction Lore: Full lore for each of the above factions that your PCs can learn and interact with.
  • 12 Encounters & 25 Monsters, split between the 4 factions

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