DC Playbook Vol 3: Wandering Circus


The Wandering Canopy: This is our first showcase of a "Group / Faction" you can drop into your game in a big or small way. This Circus has goals, beliefs, members, and even a dark twist to help you weave this into your campaign (or one shot)

  • Animal Attractions
  • D10 Table of Random Circus Acts
  • Carnival Mini Games, Contests, & Puzzles
  • 3 Different D8 Tables for Small, Medium, & Large Prizes
  • Factions Ranks & Quests
  • 5 NPC + Stat Blocks of Performers
  • 7 Circus Themed Spells

DC One-Shots: This is an entire Mini-Adventure on just 2 pages that you can easily make an entire session out of or expand it into more. They all have a Setup, Challenges, Resolution, and Rewards to let you really make it your own and have fun with it

  • 3 One Shot Adventures

Places of Interest: These are locations of interest that you can put into ANY city to help make it feel more alive and established. Rest stops, shops, creepy locations and more that each have their own atmosphere, services, NPCs, purpose and random events that can happen all prepared for you!

  • 6 Unique Locations

Engaging Characters: This is the ultimate grab and go NPC that you can use anywhere for anything! These are much better than random NPCs with just a name that you have to scramble to give some personality to. Each NPC has an appearance, personality traits to be unique to role play them, goals to help you know what decisions they make and resources that the players might be interested in. You can use these on the fly or as part of your game prep.

  • 10 Dynamic NPCs

Traps, Riddles, & Puzzles: More resources to help add in some unique challenges to your game with both fun and dangerous options.

  • 2 Traps
  • 1 Riddle
  • 3 Puzzles

Adventuring Gear (Magic Items): This will also be a recurring section, because who doesn't want magic items?! I will be checking in with you all to make sure this is true. We put a lot into EACH magic item to make them as exciting as possible!

  • 10 Magic Items

Bonus Level Up Perks: These are a fan favorite as well and I wanted to keep a steady flow of these coming each month. I really listen to everyone's feedback and these are also a personal favorite of mine!

  • 12 Bonus Level Up Perks

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