DC Playbook Vol 4: City of Temptation


The City of Temptation: This is our first showcase of a full blown city that you can drop into your game that is looming in the background OR have an entire campaign happen inside of. There are a TON of things that Temptation has to offer, here's the overview!

  • The Court of Gloomhold Faction
  • 8 Full NPC's
  • 5 Complete City Sections with plenty of locations
  • 7 City Roll Tables for different moments
  • The Gauntlet: A Coliseum Arena style battle of 100 competitors and only 1 group can survive! Think of this as a MEGA SKILL CHALLENGE!

Subclasses: Dynamic and Creative subclasses that truly give players a unique playstyle and feel to their character.

  • Artificer: Grenadier
  • Druid: Circle of Life
  • Psion: Crystalmancer
  • Wizard: School of Somnomancy (Sleep)

Dynamic Creatures: Monsters of all Challenge Levels!

  • 7 Monsters Stat blocks with full art

Adventuring Gear: Magic Items!

  • 15 Magic Items

Bonus Level Up Perks: Custom upgrades for characters (or creatures)

  • 11 Bonus Level Up Perks

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