DC Playbook Vol 5: Dragons

Dragons are a HUGE part of this game, it's in the title after all! So I wanted to make dragons MORE than what they are currently (just a sack of hit points with a breath weapon). This gives you a systems on how to build your own dragons from scratch or add to existing ones, and multiple examples of my own on how to do this. With this PDF there is now a Dragon themed subclass for ALL subclasses in the game, which I felt was very important to do! 
Table of Contents
Build a Dragon: Create your own dragons with this system with a TON of inspiration points to pick and choose from.
  • Dragon Concept, Lore, History
  • Dragon Age and Power
  • Dragon Stat block templates for ALL 5 Ages (Wyrmling, Young, Adult, Ancient, Greatwyrm)
  • Draconic Features for Unique Mechanics (Breath Weapon, Bite, Claw, Tail, Wings, Spellcasting, Body, Scales, Auras)
  • Lair Actiosn, Unique Hoards, Regional Effects 
Dragon Subclasses: This now gives ALL Classes in D&D a "Dragon" themed subclass. There already is a Sorcerer, Monk and Ranger, but now we have them ALL!
  • Artificer: Dragonfire
  • Barbarian: Path of Scales
  • Bard: College of Dragon Slaying
  • Cleric: Dragon Domain
  • Druid: Circle of the Dragon Lair
  • Fighter: Dragon Rider
  • Paladin: Oath of the Dragon
  • Psion: Order of the Dragon Soul
  • Rogue: Draconic Herald
  • Warlock: Pact of the Greatwyrm
  • Wizard: Wyrmscale Spellweaver
Dynamic Dragons: Dragons that are truly epic and challenging
  • 12 Dragon Stat across all age ranges of dragons
Adventuring Gear: Magic Items!
  • 11 Magic Items
Bonus Level Up Perks: Custom upgrades for characters (or creatures)
  • 11 Bonus Level Up Perks 

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