DC Playbook Vol 6: Traps


This Playbook is all about homebrew and with that we’re diving into another Build-A System with Build-A-Trap. I know that Traps, Riddles, and Puzzles are a huge issue for a lot of GMs out there and I like to include them in a large portion of the Playbooks for that very reason. I’m also super pumped for our first presentation of DC Encounters full of alternative objectives, twists, and unique situations that are easy to plug into your games. I hope this Trap system tales a lot of the struggle out of creating your own dynamic creations and I look forward to the success stories!

What's in this PDF:

  • Build-A-Trap System with a step-by-step guide
  • A handy cheat sheet for quick and easy trap making
  • 4 NEW Traps to plug into your games
  • 4 Awesome DC Encounters to throw at your party
  • 7 Magic Items including our very first Dynamic Item, The Coat of Lost Souls
  • 8 Bonus Level Up Perks that cover class specific ideas and core mechanics

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