DC Playbook Vol 7: Dungeon Crawl

We got our first Dungeon Crawl in a DC Playbook and I cant wait to see what you think! It has a full adventure complete with a custom map made just for this dungeon. 
Table of Contents
Dungeon Crawl: The Muck and the Mire: Full 7 page Dungeon Crawl with tables, monster upgrades, maps and plenty of twists and turns!
3 Riddles
  • Ever-Changing
  • Quite the Pushover
  • Spider's Cunning
3 Puzzles
  • Blinding Lights
  • Breaking Chains
  • Keys to the Kingdom
8 Dynamic Creatures
  • Dreadfang Vampire
  • Elder Brain-Deer
  • Gluub
  • Hearthfire Spirit
  • Leprechaun
  • Mask of Possession
  • Shadow Dreadnaught
  • Squolf
Adventuring Gear
  • 10 Magic Items
Bonus Level Up Perks
  • 10 Custom Character Features

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