DC Playbook Vol 8: Build a Spell


I'm so excited to share my in-depth guide to creating your own spells with this Build-a-Spell system! This PDF covers ALL of the Key Spell Mechanics like Spell Components, Casting Time, Level-Scaling, Damage Values, and so much more! Follow the simple system to create your own spell with the cheat sheet in no time! 

Also included is 10 Brand New Spells, Magic Items, Bonus Class Features, Traps, Puzzles, and tons of resources to level up your games!
What's in this PDF:
Build-A-Spell System
  • A fully fleshed-out system for crafting new spells, and expanding upon existing ones
  • Spell Crafting Cheat Sheet for a step-by-step breakdown
More Resources
  • 10 New Homebrew Spells
  • 4 Traps & Puzzles
  • 8 Magic Items
  • 9 Bonus Level Up Perks

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