DC Wild Magic System


Get Wild with this Magic System!

The Wild Magic Surge Bundle includes my homebrew d300 Wild Magic Surge table, how to use Wild Magic in your games, and multiple subclass and magic items all flavored with Wild Magic.

What’s in the PDF:

  • Wild Magic tips and tricks on how to use wild magic in your campaigns
  • D300 Wild Magic Surge table
  • Reworked Wild Magic Sorcerer
  • Reworked Path of the Wild Surge Barbarian
  • Wizard: School of Dropouts
  • Warlock: Pact of Chaos
  • Bard: College of Gambling
  • Rogue: Arcane Thief
  • 14 Wild Magic Items

Sample of My Homebrew d300 Wild Magic Surge Table:

When you roll on this Wild Magic Surge Table you roll BOTH a d100 and a d20 at the SAME TIME. The d100 shows you which Row to go to and the d20 shows you how Good/ Neutral/ Bad the effect will be.

D20 Result:

  • 1-5 = Bad Result
  • 6-15 = Neutral Result
  • 16-20 = Good Result

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/CeA5nHfVGFs

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