DC20 Core Rules (Beta 0.8)


DC20 Core Rules PDF

The Next Evolution in Fantasy TTRPGs: A Fresh System with Epic Combat, Intuitive Gameplay, and Characters as Unique as Your Group

  • 5e Players will find what you have been looking for: an intuitive and dynamic TTRPG that reawakens creativity, teamwork, and epic story-telling within us all! DC20 reimagines and "levels up" the best parts of the TTRPGs we are used to in order to forge its own path forward.
  • Fresh Mechanics: Unshackle your creativity to bring excitement and versatility to not just combat, but skill challenges, social interactions, and every type of exploration you can imagine.
  • More FUN: With rules designed to optimize choice, engagement and excitement, DC20 is guaranteed to make your TTRPG Adventures more fun, epic and unforgettable! 

What is DC20?

Innovating on the best parts of 5e and Pathfinder, DC20 forges a new path forward with reimagined rules for ALL aspects of TTRPGs. The rules are designed to not hold Game Masters back and to no get in the way of Players, so that everyone has more fun as the rules fade into the background.

  • Dynamic Agency: Players get 4 Action Points in Combat to spend on a variety of actions both on and off their turn. Everyone has resources to spend in unique and custom ways, along with options to combo together with allies! This keeps them engaged and opens up the creativity of what is possible for both Player and GM.
  • Custom Character Creation: Become the character you always wished you could be with iconic and unique abilities. Choose your own primary Attribute and customize your Ancestry to create a truly one of a kind character.
  • Exciting Mechanics: DC20 emphasizes and rewards high rolls (especially Nat 20's) across the entire game, leading to an electric energy at your table!
  • Empowered Game Masters: Unique Challenge Systems for ALL 3 Pillars of the game (Social, Combat, Exploration) gives GM’s the tools to tell more cinematic, immersive, and EPIC stories together!

Featured Mechanics

  • 4 Simple Attributes: Might, Agility, Intelligence, and Charisma
  • 4 Action Point System makes Combat more Fluid and Dynamic
  • Reactions to spend Action Points outside your turn
  • Custom Character and Ancestry Creation Systems
  • Spellcasters get Mana Points and Spell Enhancements
  • Martials get Stamina Points and Attack Maneuvers
  • Skill Challenge Mechanics: Combat, Social, and Exploration
  • Social Mechanics: Disposition, Reputation, and Morale
  • Exploration Mechanics: Travel, Rest, and Downtime

What You Get

  • DC20 Core Rules PDF (and ALL Future Updates from Beta --> Completed Game)
  • Printable Character Sheet
  • Form Fillable Character Sheet


  • This is the Core Rules PDF, if you want the Hardcover use the link below to pre-order it!
  • This is the PDF of the CURRENT version of the Beta, you will automatically get updates sent to you when new versions of the Beta are released. You only have to purchase once, but make sure you create an account and log in.
  • I make posts on when each update goes live in Kickstarter Updates and over on Discord (Join Discord Here)

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