DC20 Monster Starter Pack


DC20 Monster Starter Pack PDF

This is a Monster Builder Quick Guide on how to create monsters in DC20 along with Monster Stat Blocks as examples of what monsters across different level ranges look like.

    What You Get

    • DC20 Monster Starter Pack PDF (and ALL Future Updates from Beta --> Completed PDF)
      • Rules on how to build DC20 Monsters from scratch, or tweak existing ones.
      • Example Tables to use in creation
      • Example Monsters to use right now
      • MUCH more to come (this is only an early version of the PDF, just to get it in your hands NOW)


    • This is the PDF of the Beta 0.8 Core Rules version of the game. You will automatically get updates sent to you when this PDF is updated in the future. You only have to purchase once, but make sure you create an account and log in.
    • I make posts on when each update goes live in Kickstarter Updates and over on Discord (Join Discord Here)

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