Incorporating Fun: Keeping TTRPGs Lighthearted

This PDF is a guide to providing a relaxing and fun environment for your players, while still being able to keep up the tension in the game and its story. We go over ways to tactfully include humor into your games and ways to shake up your players with good timing of humor, and give you resources you can use to accomplish this!

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Guide to Humor & Levity in your Games: A guide on how you can include lighthearted themes in your game and why it’s important. In this guide we give you full advice on adding humor to your game in a way that can still leave room for a serious undertone.
  • Pets: We give a whole list of pets, complete with features and light rules, that your players can befriend for themselves! These pets are sure to bring flavor and joy to the players that love bonding with various critters.
  • Comedic Roll Tables: A set of roll tables that provide ready-to-use ideas for downtime activities, random interactions, humorous critical fumbles, and jovial plot hooks.

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