Ultimate Warrior Ki Master Bundle


Anime-Inspired Homebrew

These Races and Classes are created with immense love and respect for the inspirational material and the goal of this document is meant to capture the look and feel of those anime tropes while still keeping true to 5e mechanics and storytelling methods. This is a collaboration between The Dungeon Coach and The Loading Crew, we hope you enjoy this anime-inspired Class and Race collaboration between the two channels. 

In this PDF:

  • 5 DB Inspired Races: Each have their own lore, backgrounds, names, traits, and a NEW Primal Bloodline Feature
  • Wukongs
  • Half Wukongs
  • Slug-kin
  • Frost Demons
  • Majin
  • Full Ki Master Class for D&D 5e
  • 2 Ki Master Subclasses: Brawler & Blaster
  • 13 Custom DB Inspired Techniques (Spells)


YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/q7MnzNUJ290

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