Martial Gear and Combat Overhaul


Upgrade your Combat Tactics and Gear
So many times people don’t want to play a martial class because it is too simple or boring. THIS resource adds SO MANY options to BOTH what you can DO in combat and WEAR in combat.

This is also a part of Alkander’s Almanac of All Things (more info below)

What’s in this PDF:

  • 65 Weapons separated into 11 New Categories
  • 12 Weapon Properties (special critical effects for each damage type)
  • 8 Armor Properties and 12 Armors with “DC Updates”
  • Challenge Mode Armor System
  • 10 Different Shields and Shield Properties
  • 4 New Actions, 3 New Bonus Actions, and 6 New Reactions for Martial Characters
  • 17 New Martial Attacks and 6 New Martial Contests
  • 17 New Special Materials for crafting Weapons, Armor, and Shields
  • 22 Magic Items: Weapons, Armors, & Shields

YouTube Video:

Excerpt from Alkander's Almanac of All Things
This is a collection of all the Martial Combat upgrades, changes, and homebrews from my 5e Expansion Book Alkander's Almanac of All Things. This has all of these combat rules in this PDF plus other Homebrew Rules Systems for ALL parts of your game. This PDF does include armor and weapon crafting material that is NOT in AAA. 

Alkander's Almanac PDF:

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