Psionic Class Bundle


A Psychic Assortment of Telekinesis and Telepathy 

This is a Psychic Themed PDF including a TON of resources to use in a variety of places for both players and dungeon masters. Races to add a pinch of psionic flavor or go ALL IN with the full Psionic Class. There have been many iterations of a Psion but I feel that this is a very unique and creative version!

What’s in this PDF:

  • Full Psionic Class + 7 Subclasses

    • Order of the Hidden Hand Subclass (Telekinesis + floating weapons)
    • Order of the Mercurial Mind Subclass (Telepathy + linking up allies)
    • Order of Burning Terror (FEAR and FIRE - like a mental pyromancer!)
    • Order of the Medium (Speak & Control Spirits of the Dead)
    • Order of the Oracle (Foresight into the future, a true psychic oracle)
    • Order of the Psychic Knight (Mental barriers and shields front line TANK)
    • Order of the Void Walker (Teleportation through rifts they create)
    • + 65 Psionic Talents to Customize your Psion


  • 6 NEW Psionic Races

    • Cthulunid (inspired by Tentacle Faces)
    • Mozaks (Inspired by Super-Heroes)
    • Kir-Theen (psychic bug people from Limbo)
    • Phloomfs (yes we did it lol)
    • Psyborn (Inspired by the Alien race from a real-time strategy game)
    • Yth'Ru (Inspired by the masked creature from the elf boy in green clothes)


  • 17 Psychic Themed Magic Items

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