Revised Rest System


New Rest Rule System

These rules smooth out Short Rests, fixes some of the frustration and awkwardness of Long Rests, and adds a NEW "Full Rest" all in one simple system. 

This is also Included in Alkanders Almanac of All Things (see below)

What’s in this PDF:

  • Customizable Short and Long Rest System
  • New Full Rest System
  • 6 Variant Rules to Customize Rest at YOUR Table

What Issues does this PDF addresses:

  • Stop players resting in dangerous dungeons
  • Increase or decrease the "grittiness" of how difficult recovering is
  • Increase Role Play opportunities for players during rest windows
  • Increase potential for "down time" and character development

YouTube Video:

Excerpt from Alkander's Almanac of All Things
This is the Rest System from Alkanders Almanac that can be found here:

It is an Expansion to 5th Edition full of upgrades, changes, and homebrews for ALL parts of your game. 


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