Adventure: The Forests of Elen


This adventuring location comes with everything you’d need to run it including dangers, roll tables, and an adventuring hub. It also gives incredible lore and adventures to be run within the forests, and details the culture of the weretouched Pantera who live in them. Elen is an ancient wilderness divided into 2 distinct biomes, the sister forests of Malaven and Loraven. Malaven is shaped by a god of the hunt, shaping his forest to be a brutal landscape, while Loraven is shaped by a god of intelligent beasts, who shapes her forest into a web of illusions and misdirection. And within the center of this forest are the Pantera, a group of lycan-touched feline humanoids with short fuzzy fur covering their bodies, cat-like eyes, and the ability to control their animalistic transformations.

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Malaven and Loraven: The twin forests of Malaven and Loraven exist as opposites and stand to test those who inhabit or pass through them. In this PDF you get full information on the dangers of these forests and roll tables for encounters (hostile or otherwise) within them.
  • Lore on Elen and the Pantera: You get full lore and information on the hub in the center of the forest where the Pantera reside, which is divided into 2 separate sections to match the duality of the forest, and with this you can find all of the lore on the Pantera and their society that heavily revolves around their gods.
  • NPCs, Roll Tables, and Adventures: In addition to all of the lore surrounding the forests and the Pantera, we also provided a host of interesting NPCs from this location you can use in your games, included roll tables to make encounters or provide rumors or legends on-the-fly, and laid out 6 adventures to run in this location complete with rewards and creatures to use.

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