The Great Port City of Draken Harbor


Homebrew City with TONS of Resources

This is a FULL Port City that you can drop into ANY campaign or World Setting. You can take and use these things for this city or take them apart and use them in your own cities. 

What’s in this PDF:

  • Full City including Trade, City Defenses, etc
  • 5 Districts with flavor test
  • 24 Different Shops and Locations
  • Custom Port City Map Artwork
  • 7 Factions with descriptions and icons of the 3 Gangs
  • 32 NPCs of all kinds including 5 Custom Art pieces of them
  • 7 Key NPC Quest givers with entire quest chains plus 2 pieces of Custom Art
  • 50+ Random Encounters
  • 7 Adventure Hooks for adventure ideas in this Great Port City

YouTube Videos
Part 1:
Part 2-

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