Traveler's Guide to The Wildlands


This PDF is a supplement on lore, mechanics, and more on running The Wildlands in your games. This plane is the heaven for beasts, where wildlife of all kinds can be found in their most powerful form. Included in this supplement is material you can use to bring the wild to life in any setting, even if you don’t plan to bring your players to The Wildlands itself!

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Guide to The Wildlands: A guide detailing the layers of The Wildlands, what you can expect to find within the plane, mechanics for being on the plane, and rules for exploring The Wildlands.
  • Locations & Inhabitants: Detailed lore and useful information on locations in The Wildlands, as well as NPCs that can be found on the plane. Each of these can be tweaked to drop into any campaign setting quickly and easily.
  • Quests & Roll Tables: A full set of plot hooks, quest ideas, and roll tables you can use to run exploration in The Wildlands or anywhere that wilderness runs rampant.

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