Traveler's Guide to Limbo


Chaos Inspired Homebrew Resources

Everything you need and more to Travel to Limbo! The Planes of Existence can be an intimidating place and overwhelming to run as a DM. THIS one PDF will make you feel right at home in Limbo with a full Breakdown of what it is like, filled with images, descriptions, and especially mechanics to make it FEEL like you are IN Limbo!

What’s in this PDF:

  • 11 Homebrew Monsters from Chaos Phoenix to Slaad Lords
  • 5 Full NPCs with their own quests
  • 11 Full Quest lines and Adventure Hooks
  • 4 Random Roll tables with environments, challenges, social encounters, and more
  • 10 Limbo themed Magic Items
  • 3 Chaos Magic Subclasses

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