DC20 Alpha 0.6.1 PDF


DC20 Alpha

A New TTRPG Game System: This is the Alpha release of the completely new TTRPG with fresh but familiar rules, customizable characters and systems, intuitive and efficient game design, and more.

4 PDF Bundle: Over 170 pages of the Core Rule System, Fillable Character Sheets, One Shot Adventure, and a Monster Creation Guide.

FREE Alpha Updates Over Time: You will automatically be sent ALL updates to the Alpha as they release in the coming months. Make sure you use your email and sign in so you can receive the updated PDFs once they release (every few months).

  • This does NOT include the Beta (that will be the FULL game and is part of the Kickstarter)

Limited Time: This product is only available during the Alpha of the game and will be gone once the Alpha Playtest period is over.

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Kickstarter for DC20: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thedungeoncoach/dc20

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